Our Bond

My best friends❤
Through thick and thin
Time goes by
Friends come and go
Moments shine and blow
Positives & negatives
My life picture is fully blown
I look past the noise
The blurriness
The clutter
The lies
broken promise
and the fakes
And I know you guys will be there at the end of this
it’s fate
Something you can never lose
A bond unlike any you can choose
Something I can’t even comprehend
Sincere love
Never jealous
No judgements
Just comfort
moments will pass
New friends will be made
But we’re magnetized to each other
Sooner or later
Time will bring us together
It always does
It never fails
We always end up in each others arms
We lean on each other
To get through all the bothers
Bring smiles to one another
As well as knowledge like a big brother
And I will cherish the moments we have together
because this friendship is unlike any other
Like I said, our bond is unbreakable
And no matter how long the days pass that we do not speak
We jump into each others lives without fright
We belong in each other
In each others hearts
That’s how I know these blessings are my sisters
Family never parts, and you guys will never part from my heart
It’s that simple
My best friends
My sisters❤

1st Moments/How a Crush is Born

He took my breath away
Walked in and I had nothing to say
First time I had eye candy in class,
You know I was cheesy when we met at last
Times like these I knew I was gunna act shy
It just takes me over till I feel so dry
But a wave of confidence came over me; this is new
Felt myself take a leap of faith when I sat next to you
Didn’t rush a thing just talked as if I knew you
Can’t believe we had that conversation, Took us to some new views
First time talking, knowing we could talk for hours
Leaving you for home just felt so sour
By the way, It was pretty cute when u asked me for my number… Looking down at your feet,
So nervous for our eyes to meet….