Sometimes you want something so badly, you’ll do anything; be anything to make it happen. But that’s wrong. You just have to sit back and follow the path God is making for you, right at this moment, because being anything but you and forcing 2 things to co-exist won’t get you want you want especially in peace… And sooner or later you will realize that. Let life happen to you, don’t pause it, rearrange it and let it pass by, live it!


If you were in front of me at this time
I’d probably have butterflies
But since your not, all I have for you is despise
Don’t take it as two-face lies
I don’t want everyone else to know I care for you and your lies,
Your malice,
Making me die,
my sinful desire
Temptation without treason
Intent without reason
You just keep me bleedin’
No gauze, no treatment
I hide my feelings so I can be me
While my insides go crazy
Rips and tears
Blood everywhere
But I don’t care
I want you, even if it’s just a layer
This is wrong, I say it in my prayers
But just forget it, I wanna be all better.