Drunken Words Sober Thoughts

We do our own thing
Live our own lives
Day to night
Spend it as we please
But when the weekend comes
Your friends join mine
And we turn from sober buddies
To drunk and ready cuddle buddies
Our eyes match up and all I can think is
You might be dancing with him
But in about two minutes your mine
You walk towards me
Slow with those curves
Quick with that strut
Eyes full of fire
Huge in desire
Oh. What did I get myself into
Then with one slow movement of your lip…
You form that deep dimple of yours
Ugh that little smirk of yours
Knowing it just makes me burst
There no way to stop me from taking you to the bathroom
I pull you in the stall and push you against the door
Give you that same look back
Trying hard not to bring you to the floor
We attack each others lips
Offer some action where the tension keeps rising
And the craving keeps aching
Make our markings
Biting hard
Licking soft
Tonguing all around
As I feel the heat from your body just Ready for my appetite
Feeling your breaths getting deeper
More desperate
I can feel your inner beast
Trying to release
Natures natural action
Oh please let it come
Show me your natural desires
As I see the tension build up in your eyes
All lit up in fire
My hand goes to your ass as the other goes to the back of your neck
Oh man I love tugging that hair of yours
Makes me feel in control
But you already know that
And you love it
At least for tonight
We can continue this mini lust affair
And just for the night
We can play fair
Just tonight
You can have me, bare.