Want Vs. Need

I remember when I was so in love with you. All I wanted was for you and I to be together. I wanted our long conversations on the phone forever. I wanted you to make me laugh with your goofiness everyday. i wanted us cuddling always. I wanted forever for us. I wanted you. I loved you. But.. I never needed you. I love you, but I don’t need you.

Now I see the difference after I’ve met you


I am evolving
Coming to my own
Viewing society how it is
In and out
Viewing life
In and out
Contemplating my morals
New and old
Inspired upon and ones forced upon
Analyzing what I was
And what I am now
Accepting my past
And present
Accepting what I’m thought of being then and the present
Realizing what I truly am for the
Present and future
Realizing I will always be affected by society
Not accepting this