God didn’t make labels. Man did. God didn’t make boundaries. Man did.

I think people in general are just beautiful.
No matter what sex, race, shape or form.
If I’m attracted to you, I am.
Why put a label on attraction.
The way love happens, just happens. It’s a force between two souls, two persons.
An imaginary tug between two beings that simply cannot be cut, hidden, or destroyed.
Not by a fraction
Why ruin such a thing?
Why label it as anything and everything when it is just love.
And if it is love, then is shall be.
.. No.

Love is defined as a shared attraction between man and woman.
Not literally in those words
but in the unwritten rule’s,
the ‘in between the lines’,
the normality of society…
But man made this standard of society, not God…
And although I don’t know much of the man,
God gave us the power to love;
Hand in hand,
Something so sacred, so beautiful, so endless.

& Love knows no boundaries,
but man still makes them,
I just wish there was no standard to live up to.
No fear of rejection.
So it could have been easy to say,
I love her
just as it’s easy to say
I love him.
Wishful thinking I guessin’.

But seriously?
Can’t everyone just accept we were made from and by love
and will keep being made…
Made from love, not hate or fear.
Love never fails
It is proven everyday
And it must be accepted
In any form
Because God made man to love one another
And race or sex cant stand as a boundary any longer.

7 comments on “God didn’t make labels. Man did. God didn’t make boundaries. Man did.

  1. great post…i too am struggling with my gf’s parents hating me….and make her life a living hell just because she is with me…another woman….in each other we have found the loves of our lives genuinely and honestly we have……but they just dont approve or respect it….what can i do to comfort her…other than love her and support her thru this ordeal….she is close to her family…or was close i mean….now her mom has disowned her…her father is ugly towards her….it kills my spirit to see her cry…..;(

    • I’m sorry to hear that :/ one day all of this will be natural we all just need patience I guess. It’s Gunna be hard but if god made us this way we shouldn’t fight who we are because of what others think. I’m going thru this fight right now. It sucks. But anyways thanks for reading (:

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