I Found Love

I’ve wondered a lot when I will ever find this thing called “love” it had me wondering where it could be. Here are my thoughts.

Love is in a rose
Love is in a caring thought
An unnecessary gesture
that extra mile help
Its In between two people when the rest of the world is just a blur
All that is clear is you and her
it’s in that smile he gives you
Even when he’s not around
It’s the emptiness & the fullness
You feel when it’s as cold as ice
And as hot as fire
The love is inside you
In your heart
You carry it with you
Day in and day out
If you’re looking for love
Love is everywhere your not looking
Close your eyes
Feel your breathe being inhaled and exhaled
Hear the thoughts running through your brain
Feel the emotions coming through
Your heart
Your heart signifies love
Their is love within you
Feel your own
Accept it
Own it
Love it
That’s all that is needed,
Now finding another
Is just a bonus
We all want that bonus.
But for now I’ll just keep loving the love inside me<3

Ah I need this mentality all the time. Sorry guys I'm not single. I'm in a deep long relationship with myself<3

18 comments on “I Found Love

  1. Hello.
    My first visit here.

    We must first love ourselves before we can love anyone else. You’re already halfway there. Love is a wonderful feeling made even more beautiful when you have another to share it with. Afterall, we were created to love and be loved in return. For me, love is everything. It’s what I live for, what I know, what I write about and who I am. Of course I have the added bonus of having a beautiful wife who feels the same way. πŸ˜‰

    I hope someone comes along who can enrich your life with an equal or greater love.

    Wonderful writing.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Under Blinking Stars

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