— when I was influences by Lady Gaga, wrote this poem to Repeal DADT last year (:

In the air we all spare
all the time in our lives
can’t think right just stay high
Above all others, we don’t bother
But the others feel we bother
We just trying to create new beginnings for gods sake
Deciding to be one of the greats, can make you feel all the hate
We just try to facilitate the little love we make
It’s our battle, we can handle
They say stay quiet…shhh
But these topics are to diar
Time to speak, don’t be weak
We’re not free but we still in the jeep
In the streets, defending for you creeps
The least u can do Is acknowledge my orientation
It’s stated in the declaration. Your lucky we been patient.
Don’t ask don’t tell
Keep your life to yourself
They all say this to ignore all the prejudice
Time to face this, my life isn’t basic
Deal with the discriminants
Stop sending home the real fighters, fighting for all freedoms, their promises ARE kept
Repeal D.A.D.T
Changes need to be M.A.D.E

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