Want Vs. Need

I remember when I was so in love with you. All I wanted was for you and I to be together. I wanted our long conversations on the phone forever. I wanted you to make me laugh with your goofiness everyday. i wanted us cuddling always. I wanted forever for us. I wanted you. I loved you. But.. I never needed you. I love you, but I don’t need you.

Now I see the difference after I’ve met you

6 comments on “Want Vs. Need

  1. A girl friend asked me years ago if I would rather be needed or wanted. I said without hesitation, wanted. To be needed has nothing to do with love.
    Nice writing. Very thought provoking.

    • thank you! i’m still troubled in which to choose. If you want someone, you go for them. I want people all the time, but it doesn’t mean its enough to keep them around. If you need someone, its that “can’t live without you” type of feeling. that’s what most people believe love is about. is it the healthy choice? i’m not sure,

    • It’s only hard when people choose to be nice about their decision or go for the “right” choice according to their surroundings. Humans make a simple decision quite complicated when the decision is clear in there head when you first ask them, The worst thing to do after that is start worrying about others will be affected by that decision, thus making you second guess and now things have become… “complicated”

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