The Fix

You see, There’s a difference.
When we talk, I’m all smiles
& for the most part,
All are real, true smiles that he gives me.
As the day fades out, so do my smiles. A temporary fix.
When we talk,
I’m all smiles.
All real, true smiles that you give me. As the day fades out, that’s all that fades.
As the smiles he gives me expire,
The smiles you give me are kept permanent.

19 comments on “The Fix

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  2. Ah, if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with? To long for someone while being occupied by someone else? I have also been privy to “the difference.” Your poem explains a deep idea very simply. Good job. 😛

    • thank you! you/ve brought a lot of readers for my poetry. I wouldn’t even believe my writing deserves to be read by others. You’ve given me confidence in my writing.! (: i will try to attend rally’s as much as possible.

  3. powerful finish, eloquent write,

    Greetings, how are you?

    Inviting you to join our poetry potluck today,

    Week 43 is free verse week, submit 1 to 3 random poems, enjoy the fun!

    Hope to see you soon.
    Happy Tuesday.
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